Supergames in Worthington: Bounce Houses & Old School Arcade Games – Major Family Fun

SuperGames is an amazing indoor playground that wears children out and adults who aren’t afraid to act like children. The space has two gigantic rooms filled with enormous bounce houses, a room with skee-ball, an air hockey table, old school video games, and many other games to challenge the whole family. This is the perfect activity during the hot humid summer months or the frigid cold winter months…or anytime you want to get your bounce on. The bounce houses can even be rented for parties!

The front room is full of arcade-type games, and then there are the back rooms…my jaw dropped when I first entered. I felt similar to Charlie when he first stepped foot into the Chocolate Factory and saw the candy forest and the chocolate lake: excitement and the feeling of endless possibilities of fun. The bounce houses sat like cushiony mountains waiting for children to scale them, or bounce in their caves. There were bounce houses, slides, obstacle course houses that allow for climbing and pedestal games (obstacle course games get changed out to keep things exciting – right now they have tug-of-war and boulderdash set up), and basketball hoops.

A couple of friends and I took our kids and literally wore them out in two hours. Before the fun could begin, we had to pay admission and sign a waiver. They had a coat rack and place for shoes, but it was by the door and we didn’t feel safe leaving our bags there. We went into the back where the bouncies were and took over one of the tables. We left our shoes (no shoes allowed in the bouncies) and belongings, and let the kids lead the way. I had a hard time keeping an eye on both kids because they had different interests. My 2-year-old boy loved the biggest slide in the place, and was actually standing in line with a group of kids on a school field trip for turns going down. He loved it; I was frantic. My daughter liked the bounce shaped like a ship, and she and her friend pretended to be jumping/sliding pirates for at least half an hour. Attendants were sitting at the bottom of the slides keeping kids safe – basically making sure they were sliding down properly and going up one at a time. My mommy friends and I bounced (a very good workout, mind you) and enjoyed watching the kids have a blast. Definitely worth the admission price!

We did not attempt the obstacle courses. Our kids were just too little (ranging in ages from 2 – 4), but if there were more of us we could have let each other have shot while the others watched the kids. I did, however, enjoy a little skee-ball. That game entices me every time.

Open play is offered twice a day on specific days of the week (check out the Supergames site for days and times because they change throughout the year). The morning open play is for children 2 to 8 years of age, and the afternoon open play is from 8 to 13 years of age. Admission rates are $7 for the first child and $4 for each additional child, and the arcade games are included. Sometimes SuperGames has weekend evening open play or “parents night out”- again, please check out their website for times. Oh – and they do birthday parties! There is a room where you can have a cake and provide food for the kiddies.

SuperGames is located off of Worthington Galena Road. Turn into the complex where you see a big sign “Lakeview Plaza” and proceed all the way to the back. SuperGames will be on the left and looks like a big warehouse. Go in the main entrance and you’ll see a desk to the left where you pay admission and sign a waiver to let your kids play.

SuperGames & AEC

535B  Lakeview Plaza Blvd.

Worthington, OH 43085


Get your bounce on? Here’s some tips:

  • If you go during open play, be sure you go to the one that is age appropriate for your child.
  • Wear socks and clothes that are comfortable to play in.
  • You can bring lunch. There is an area where food is allowed.
  • Keep your stuff where you can see it. I am not a fan of leaving my valuables by the door unwatched.
  • Wash your hands and your child’s hands before you leave.
  • It is easy to get caught up bouncing and having fun. Remember that little kids can still get hurt even on those soft surfaces, so keep a keen eye on them.
  • Plenty of room if you need to bring a stroller, and plenty of room to push it around the bounce house rooms to watch older siblings. I would not recommend wearing your baby – just in case you need to get to the aid of another child in a bounce house.

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  1. Kat November 29, 2010 at 5:13 AM #

    That place looks like a whole lot of fun for kids!