Colony Cats in Dublin, OH

The holiday season is upon us, which means so is the spirit of giving (hopefully). We recently donated some Turkey Day food items in hopes to comfort those who’ve fallen on hard times, and we also looked out for some of our furry friends. You know the ones? They leave chipmunk guts as presents, meow at odd hours of the night, and are a potential death sentence for those of us who are allergic to them? Yes, I’m talking about cats. Even though those little dander-makers wreak havoc on my lungs, I still adore them and give them a rub when I am feeling adventurous.

Our donation came about because my girl’s Girl Scout troop visited Colony Cats in Dublin. Her troop was learning about different kinds of animals, including how to care for them. The girls brought paper towels, kitty litter, cat food, toys and treats, and in return they got to frolic with the felines. Colony Cats provided a hands-on experience for the girls, from feeding and brushing the cats to simply giving them love and affection. The kind folks at Colony Cats explained how the cats came into their care, what they do with feral kitties, and how some of the cats were ready for adoption and how to care for them.

The center is divided into rooms to separate the kittens from the adult cats, and the sick cats from the healthy cats. Patrons can pick a room and play with cats or cuddle with them. The kitties can get out and play on their “jungle gyms” or be held and sometimes fed treats. There were kids volunteering at the center, which might be a great idea if you have an older child interested in learning more about adoption centers or caring for animals.

I learned about Colony Cats originally from a birthday party. {I love this idea, by the way!} My daughter was invited to celebrate her friend turning six, and in lieu of presents her friend asked for cat items she could donate to Colony Cats – for the kitties who didn’t have a home. Pretty mature for a six year old, wouldn’t you say? When we left there was a table full of “presents” the little girl proudly dropped off for the cats. Sometimes the feeling one gets from giving is far more rewarding than receiving…at least it sounds good in my head..and heart. I hope my children learn that concept – if not from me, from friends like the little girl I just mentioned.

Colony Cats has various visiting and adoption hours Tuesday – Sunday. They accept cash donations on their website and update it with cats that need a home. This would be a great visit with your children, especially because the kitties do need the socialization. Just remember that kitties are cute, but are still animals and can bite or scratch. If you go think about bringing a donation with you – nothing is too small! Cats even love feathers on a stick…or so I’ve witnessed.

Colony Cats & dogs
2740 Festival Lane
Dublin, OH 43017

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