Buckeye Model Train and Railroad Show

Earlier this year I took my kids to an expo at the fairgrounds to see model trains. I could barely get my son (who had *just* turned four) to leave – he was in heaven playing with trains, looking at trains, watching how the train operators programmed the trains…the engines could have been in their boxes, he didn’t care. He loved it all. Luckily, a friend who has a little boy who loves trains just as much as my son, made me privy to the fact that there is a model train expo this Saturday, December 7. It is taking place at the Ohio Expo Center’s Lausche Building located at the fairgrounds off of 17th Avenue. Lookie here for more information: Buckeye Model Train and Railroad Show. Tickets are $6/person and here’s a coupon for $1.00 off admission: COUPON.

Enthusiasts will have their model train displays set up. Many displays are so detailed with miniature buildings, people, and cars that it must have taken days to put together. One of my favorites – from when we went earlier this year – was a time travel train scene. A train with many “jobs,” as my son would call it (jobs=cars), chugged on a track that curved its way through miniature towns set in the 30′s, 40′s, and 50′s. A beach scene was fun to see with tiny people in bathing suits sunning themselves on very small fake beach. I’d for sure blow a gasket trying to put those tiny things together. I really commend the creator’s patience!

Vendors will be selling trains, track, scene miniatures, train books, and how-to books that show how to set up a model train display. Last time we went there was a guy selling CDs with train whistle sounds…these people are serious about trains! Each model train enthusiast even has their favorite train – steam trains, diesels, electric, specific years…and the list goes on. It is fun to listen to them passionately talk about their trains (kind of how my son talks about Thomas, Percy, and James!).

If you are thinking of getting a model train set for your son or daughter, I’d suggest visiting this expo. There will be experts on hand to answer questions and vendors selling everything you need. I have been pondering a model train set for my son, but I think he may be too young. I was told four years old is a reasonable age to start them off, but my son still enjoys crashing trains into each other. We’ll stick with our wooden tracks for now.

Secretly…I am kind of hoping to see a Harry Potter-themed train display.

Buckeye Model Train and Railroad Show
Ohio Expo Center (Lausche Building)
717 E. 17th Ave.
Columbus, OH 43211

9 a.m. – 4 p.m.

“All Aboard?!”:

  • Lausche Building is located off 17th on the fairgrounds. It is a huge building with plenty of space to maneuver strollers.
  • Plan to pay for parking (generally $5) with cash.
  • Admission is $6 and $1 off with the coupon I listed above.
  • Be prepared for lots of vendors selling stuff your children will want, trust me on this.
  • Eat before you go. They may have stuff like bad pizza and popcorn, but maybe you’re into that.

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