Birthdays at Buckeye Gymnastics

My kids have been invited to a few birthdays at Buckeye Gymnastics, and they always leave having had a terrific time. In addition to all the amazing equipment available for the kids to romp on, the Buckeye crew does a fantastic job engaging the kids and keeping the party moving. Parties can be booked at their facility without being a member, which makes it a terrific option for a birthday any time of the year for a girl or boy. General rates for the party (not including cake and ice cream which you bring yourself) is around $200 for ten children. This is a great party option for ages three and up.

The facility I’ve frequented is off of Sawmill Parkway near Powell. We entered through the side door and met up with our party. While the kids left their shoes and coats in a cubby, I filled out the waivers for each kid. Buckeye Gymnastics provided party invitations for the guests that has a waiver on the reverse side of the invitation, but I am good at forgetting to bring it with me. Luckily, they have extras waiting.

Once the kids are ready, one of the Buckeye crew members take the kids to play. The place is huge and has a foam floor perfect for those learning somersaults or back handsprings. They have a huge foam pit, trampolines, bounce houses, rings, and the list goes on and on. The kids get to play hide and seek, big fish/little fish or tag – they have a blast. There is a second room that is smaller for parties for younger children (3 and 4), and it has just as much fun equipment.

Playtime lasts a little more than an hour and then the kids sit down to eat cake and open presents. The birthday kid sits in front of the guests and opens presents, and rules are that the guests have to stay seated so everyone can see. Moms/dads can sit on benches along the walkway wall during the party. My kids like for me to stay, so I just chat with other moms or watch the kids play. One time I left and had lunch with a friend (Chipotle is right down the street).

Once presents were finished up it was time to go. We said our “thank yous” and were on our way! It was a great way to spend two hours of the day. I would totally book a party at their facility – the Buckeye crew was so nice and accommodating, the parties moved smoothly, and the kids had a blast and burned a ton of energy.

If you want more information on booking a party at Buckeye Gymnastics, check out their website here: Birthdays and Special Events.

 Buckeye Gymnastics Westerville

7159 Northgate Way
Westerville, OH 43082
(614) 895-1611

Buckeye Gymnastics Powell

10562 Sawmill Road
Powell, OH 43065
(614) 793-1936

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