Mommy/Daughter Date: Donuts, Spices & Birds

My son had a birthday party to go to in the afternoon for a preschool friend, so I decided I’d take my girl on a “mommy/daughter date.” I don’t get to spend much time with her one-on-one, and sometimes I feel as if I don’t even know her. Not sure if that sounds weird – I know I see her every day and take care of her, but with two kids it is like they are a pair instead of individuals. So, I needed some little girl time…because I am selfish if anything. We decided on brunch, an activity mommy would plan, and whatever else came our way.

She picked out food: eggs, sausage, and toast. We chose brunch at HoneyDip donuts (‘cuz I mentioned donuts and she went crazy). HoneyDip is on Kenny Road near Henderson and serves diner-type food and donuts. So, if you want a couple of yummy donuts or sit for breakfast, this is a good place to check out. It is a smaller joint, so big parties would have to wait a little while for tables to free up next to each other. Parties of four or five would be fine. Bring something for kids to do at the table, because there were no kids’ menus to color. That was rather refreshing, though. I grow weary of kids’ menus. Check out Breakfast with Nick‘s review here: Honey Dip Donuts.

I picked Penzeys: I needed some dried herbs. Penzeys is almost directly across the street from HoneyDip and offers great spices for just about anything you are making. We smelled spices and decided which ones were our favorite, and decided spices would make a great gift for someone. They have a little kids’ area for kids to color while you shop. I love this place.

I picked the Grange Insurance Audubon Center: for bird watching. Something my girl and I have in common is that we love birds and studying them. The Audubon Center is awesome because they have a library full of bird books and binoculars to watch the birds. The library is almost all windows and they’ve put speakers near the feeders so patrons can hear the birds chirping outside.

We watched the birds from the library for a while and then headed outside. There was a naturalist down on the dock not too far from the center, and she was pointing out an eagle and its eaglets hunting. There were herons, mergansers, gulls, and a few fish made an appearance. It was awesome! There is so much going on at this place, you just have to take your kids!! On day you want to get outside there are paths, a play area, and ponds to explore.

Anyhow, that was our day and it was terrific!

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