Indian Run Falls Park in Dublin, OH

I can’t believe I grew up in Dublin and never knew about this little gem! Did you know there were waterfalls in Dublin? Indian Run Falls Park is located across from the US Post Office at 700 Shawan Falls Drive in downtown Dublin.  The park has a few picnic tables, a beautifully maintained path for hiking, streams for a small amount of creeking, and – hold on to your hats – waterfalls.

The path began directly off of the parking lot, which was on the right after turning onto Shawan Falls Drive. The pathway to the right led to the water where my children walked the rocks for a while. Now, I overheard other parents telling their children they were not allowed on the rocks, but I let my kids explore…obviously at our own risk. If you plan to let your kids explore in the water, wear shoes with a good grip and that can get wet. My friend had on flip-flops and my daughter had on tennis shoes – neither were really conducive to walking in water or on the rocks, which at times were slippery. I didn’t see any signs that said we were not allowed to walk along the stream, and if I am wrong please call me out. I’ll update this post. Don’t want to get anyone into trouble, and I am very much an advocate of respecting our parks and their rules.

The stream lead to a beautiful gorge which contained a waterfall that pooled at the bottom (think of a cheesy romance novel). The trail took us along the top of the gorge where lookout decks were available to admire Mother Nature’s landscaping safely. High schoolers were swimming in the pool below. I assumed they climbed or rappelled down – please don’t do this with your children, unless you are experienced in doing so.

Much of the trail was fenced in, but not all of it. This led me to a talk with the kids about how important it was to stay on trail at this park. Not only was there a ton of poison ivy, there was also a deep gorge that they could have fallen in to. Don’t let this scare you because it is a very safe hike, as long as you respect the trail (don’t want to end up like those poor folks at Old Man’s Cave!).

Of course, can’t get away without a visit to the privy. Luckily, the trail ended by the old graveyard just in back of the Dublin Library. We went in for a quick visit to the potties and a drink of water, then were back on our way.

This is a great little hike that can end in a visit to Jeni’s Ice Cream or La Chatelaine for snack.

Indian Run Falls Park
700 Shawan Falls Drive
Dublin, OH 43017

Plan your trip:

  • Pack a lunch and make an afternoon of it. Be sure to eat at the picnic tables and not along the trail.
  • Strollers – not the best idea, but doable. You will have to carry them up steps at various times, though.
  • Bring plenty of water if it is hot!
  • We used bathrooms at the library.
  • Please stay on the trail.
  • If you decide to walk on the rocks for a little bit, go to the right and not the left where it eventually it drops into a gorge. Wear appropriate shoes!




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