Engineering for Kids in Gahanna, OH

Engineering for Kids in Gahanna, OH is definitely worth checking out. We built candy catapults at one of their one-day workshops, and the kids loved it! They offer classes and workshops throughout the year that focus on STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics). With their large variety of after school programs, homeschool programs, and weekend workshops it is easy to make time for this experience. Kids ages 4 to 14 are welcome, and all classes list the appropriate age ranges.

Our candy catapult workshop was set up to teach the kids about technology and energy. I was impressed with the material and appreciated that this wasn’t just a “crafty” workshop – the kids actually learned how a catapult worked. The teacher went over some vocabulary words and did a lesson on energy. Once she finished, the kids got a chance to build their own catapult with materials provided. I was amazed by some of the craftsmanship! After the kids got a chance to build their own and try it out by launching a cotton ball, the teacher helped them build the catapult that was designed for the program (I don’t want to say “that actually worked,” because some of the kids built great models!). There was a little whining when the kids were asked to disassemble their creations, but they quickly got over it.

The best part for caregivers? Moms and dads got to drop off and go (going grocery shopping alone can be quite luxurious). Most of the kids were around 7 to 9 years old, and many seemed to have taken other classes at Engineering for Kids. The workshop was two hours long, just enough time to get some shopping done. Easton and other stores are close by.

Take a look at what they are offering as far as classes, parents night out, and birthday

Engineering for Kids
Located in the New Albany Plaza (behind Auto Zone):

5560 N Hamilton Road
Gahanna, Ohio 43230

(614) 656-8048












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