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My kids love Lil’ Kickers soccer program offered at Four Seasons Sports in Gahanna, Ohio. Lil’ Kickers program started in Seattle, WA and has grown into a national franchise, mainly because it is a soccer class that offers so much more. So much more, such as: the soccer coaches are also life coaches. They root for your child in social and emotional ways in addition to teaching them soccer.

We were greeted by some of the friendliest coaches I’ve ever met. Each coach made a point to introduce themselves to me. You could tell by their enthusiastic greeting that they were excited to be there and coach my kids.

The coaches started the class with a warm-up that included stretches and “kiddy” conversation (favorite color, food, etc.). Breaking the ice with conversation helped my kids instantly feel part of the team.

There were three experienced coaches for each team. My kids were participating in the 4/5 and 7/8 year old micro classes. The micro classes are non-competitive, developmental classes designed to enhance individual and team skills with an emphasis on fun and safety. Micro classes are 50 minutes, once a week, with 30 minutes instruction and a 20 minute scrimmage.

This specific class focused on trapping skills. They worked on stopping the ball by cushioning it so that it is easier to control. The coaches said to pretend the ball was an egg and you didn’t want to break it.

The kids really enjoyed the scrimmage that included a lot of goal scoring, and I loved watching them run out so much energy. They were asking for water breaks and breaking a sweat. All good things in my book. At the end each team got together in a circle, reviewed the class and ended with a team cheer. “This is awesome,” said by my winded 8 year old after her class.

After seeing the fun the older kids had, I signed my toddler up for the bunnies class (18-24 months, parent/child class). Together, toddler and parents explore basic soccer and fundamental skills through the use of sensory tools. Classes include parachute activities, bubbles, lots of goal scoring, and the cone towers! Class is 50 minutes, once a week.

In this class we worked on kicking the ball (not throwing) and fundamental skills through games like red light/green light and freeze. My son is a little young for this class so he was more into running around and throwing the soccer balls verse following any instruction. We had fun but may need to wait until he’s a little older to learn proper soccer skills.

Lil’ Kickers offer free trial classes and always have open enrollment to help with flexibility in scheduling. Approximately $13.50 a week plus a small registration fee. Jersey’s are included if you are are signing up for the first time. There is a sibling discount of $20.00 off your total if you sign up 2 kids. If you sign up 3 or more then it’s $20.00 off each child. They also offer birthday and team party packages.

For more information or to try a class visit:

Lil’ Kickers Gahanna
169 Mill St. Gahanna, OH.



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