Dollar Store Finds As Seen On Fox 28′s Good Day Columbus

The kids are home for the summer and they need fun stuff to do. You don’t need to spend a fortune, a trip to the dollar store near you can set you up all summer long. I talked about this on Fox 28′s Good Day Columbus, check out the link here: Cbus Mom on Good Day Columbus or read my ideas below:

I spent less than $30 on everything I have listed. Each thing was only $1.

Bug Box Scavenger Hunt and Nature Journal
The dollar store has all sorts of bug boxes, bug watches, and nets. Let the kids go crazy finding ants and rolly pollies. My kids like to name them and keep them for pets for the day. I always ask them to release them back into nature.

The nature journal allows kids to be creative by drawing and writing about their finds. This is a great teachable moment. Have little ones draw pictures of what they found and older children can write a few facts about the bug they encountered.

Marble Run
Hello #101 of the things you can do with a pool noodle. Create a marble run for those rainy days. Cut a pool noodle in half. Tape it down the back. Have box available to catch the marbles. Easy Peasy. Kids can decorate the box with cool patterned duct tape.

Boredom Bin
Seriously, this was just an attempt for me to be organized. The dollar store has all sorts of colorful bins for storing items. Fill bins with sidewalk chalk, bubbles, jump ropes, squirt guns, etc, etc. Put the bin at an accessible height in the garage filled with all the fun things. Then when kiddos talk about boredom – send them to the bin!

Nighttime Fun with Glow Sticks
Create lanterns by filling jars with glow sticks. You can put a glow stick or two inside of a balloon and play nighttime volleyball.



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