You’ve Been Boo’ed

Have you ever been “boo’ed?” Well, I was “boo’ed” just last night. My dogs bark at the wind and I always look outside to be sure no one is there – just in case. This time though, I didn’t look out the door. I was doing the dishes and my mind is busy with school stuff, and I missed my chance to catch the culprit!

“You’ve Been Boo’ed” is a really fun game done between friends and neighbors to get everyone into the Halloween spirit.

My boo’er left our family a bag with Halloween candy and two papers. One paper hangs on your door so people know you’ve already gotten the boo and the other is to explain the game. Since I was boo’ed, I now need to boo two other people…and not get caught. Hopefully my 5am early rising will aid me in being a stealthy boo’ing ninja.

Here is a site with all the information if you want to start your own game of “You’ve Been Boo’ed”: ¬†Happy Boo to You!


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