Newly Renovated Main Library Downtown

I was invited to a sneak peek of the newly renovated Main Library and I couldn’t believe my eyes. It was sleek, beautiful, modern, open…just incredible. The space welcomes the community and will inspire readers, researchers and writers. The Columbus Metropolitan Main Library will open to the community on Saturday, June 25 at noon. There will be a ribbon cutting ceremony and tons of fun for the family. Go! You need to see this new space for yourself – if not just to be intoxicated by the views of downtown offered on each floor.

The library was renovated with purpose. As you walk in, the first floor is to welcome patrons and offer an area of community gathering. There is food, places to gather with friends, drop off and check out books, a store for souvenirs, and the children’s area is located on this floor. The children’s area offers wide open spaces and lots of areas for reading, using computers, storytime, etc. Everything patrons experienced before the renovation and more. I especially loved that the entrance to the children’s area has an entrance for adults and smaller entrance for children.

There will be a separate area for tweens to gather – that difficult time between elementary and full blown teen. On the second floor is the actual teen area complete with a – get this – flat screen TV with an xBox.  Many teens who live in our city do not have access to computers or TVs at home for the ever popular video games. Now, teens who may not own these luxuries (which fortunately or unfortunately seem like staples to some of us), can get that social technology enrichment at the library. Plus, each floor has an area where popular and suggested books are displayed – so no excuses not to pick up a book of some sort for each person in the family.

As you progress up the floors, areas become more quiet and studious. For example, on the third floor is the history and genealogy area complete with a card catalog and microfiche. Each floor has a touch screen monitor to help if you have questions. There will also be lots of librarians around to help direct you.

Hopefully, you have time this summer to check it out. I suggest trying to visit each of the seasons. I can only imagine how beautiful the view is as the trees change colors or when there is snow on the ground.

Columbus Metropolitan Main Library
96 S Grant Ave.
Columbus, OH 43215
(614) 645-2275


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