Spring in Ohio Means Clean Up – Call Curb Appeal Clean

I have seen SO many houses with that green stuff growing on the side. If that is you - Curb Appeal Clean can get it off in minutes.

With it finally being SPRING in Ohio, I need to get rid of all the WINTER fun had with my home. Roof needs to be cleaned, shutters need to be repaired, sticks need to be cleaned up…beers need to be cold for when I finish. Hubby and I cannot do all of this ourselves, and that is why we’ve been thrilled with Curb Appeal Clean. We had them come out last year to wash the outside of the house, our front porch,¬†and sidewalk. When they left, it looked like a different place. You can see it in my post from last year HERE.

What I appreciated most was that they make sure their work is done right. Our shutters were not put up properly when we had the house re-sided (not sure who the company was at this point, but they sucked), and had come off when Curb Appeal Clean was spraying the house. This should never had happened…if the shutters were hung properly. So, the owner CAC ended up painting our new shutters and hanging them all correctly. Like, who does that anymore? That was some fine customer service.

It is hard to find someone to do handy work around your home who does it right, and actually takes their time and cares about their work. As a homeowner, the fable of “The Three Little Pigs” is quite appropriate – who wants a house of sticks when they can have a nice solid house made of bricks. Call Curb Appeal Clean if you are the smart pig.

Curb Appeal Clean


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*Disclaimer: I was given free services in exchange for this post.

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