Give Your House a Bath: Curb Appeal Clean

Okay, so my house needed a bath. I don’t know if it was all that rain or what, but I had green sludge growing on the side of my house. In addition, my concrete sidewalk was full of weeds and a dingy gray color, and my gutters looked like leaves had a “Motley Crew hotel party” in them. I got to thinking, that if I let my kids get that dirty they’d have ear wax coming out their ears, smell like dirty toes and HAVE dirty toes, probably have some sort of rash from not being cleaned, and have a few rotten teeth. I had to do something. My poor house.

With spring here and summer around the corner, I decided it was a great time to get the home cleaned up so it looked presentable. This is where Curb Appeal Clean comes in. They did it ALL! Plus, I can have them come back to get my roof cleaned of debris and give the roof tiles a scrub.

Curb Appeal Clean made it so easy. I just set up a time and date (you do not have to be home when they come to clean) and discussed what needed to be done to the house (and, they guide you). Done.  I came home on a Wednesday to my garage door looking a few feet bigger because winter splatter was washed away, my gutters shining like the sun, and that green sludge? Gone. My house looked like it had a long, hot shower. Thank goodness…now for my kids. ha!

Oh! One other thing I love about this company is that if they see something that needs fixed or have suggestions for another visit, they will tell you. This is something I really appreciated. For example, I didn’t know my roof was so dirty. I knew I had some twigs and branches that needed to come down, but I don’t really pay attention to the tiles. I appreciated this suggestion.

Let me just state, go around and look at your house. I have seen a ton of houses with that green sludge on them this year. My advice is to get that off of there because who knows what trouble it could end up causing. As a homeowner, I’ve let things go in the past and always end up paying for it. So, take care of your abode – it keeps you safe, healthy, and happy!

Curb Appeal Clean website for more information:

Check out Curb Appeal Clean on Instagram for more of their work: @curbappealclean

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Give them a buzz today: 614-313-3403

The owner responds quickly to messages on facebook and Instagram. He is awesome and will be sure everything is taken care of in a professional, timely and affordable manner.

*Please note: I was given a discounted rate in exchange for posting my experience on my socials. I recommend this company in good faith, or I would pay them what I was discounted.


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