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Give Your House a Bath: Curb Appeal Clean

Okay, so my house needed a bath. I don’t know if it was all that rain or what, but I had green sludge growing on the side of my house. In addition, my concrete sidewalk was full of weeds and a dingy gray color, and my gutters looked like leaves had a “Motley Crew hotel [...]

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Some Teacher Gift Ideas

Let’s discuss teacher gift ideas for the end of the year (or anytime, for that matter). I always struggle with gift ideas for people, so I decided I would give what I’d like to get. Teacher gifts are no different – especially since I am a teacher! The gift card is a great option, but [...]

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United Skates of America

We recently celebrated our daughter’s eighth birthday at United Skates of America a roller rink circa 1972 on Columbus’s east side. At first I wasn’t sure it was going to be a success as I had never taken my kids roller skating and had not personally been on roller skates since I was a kid. However I [...]

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Thinking of Donating Toys or Food This Season? Let Our List Help You!

I am thrilled to have a new mom writer for Cbus Mom. Her name is Kelly and she has three kids – a 15 month old son and 8 and 5 year old daughters. Needless to state, she has her hands full. Look for her posts over the coming months. She has some great stuff to [...]

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Build-A-Bear: Great Holiday Gift

My daughter recently got rewarded with a trip to Build-A-Bear. I had never taken her, and was excited to check it out myself. What is this phenomena of stuffing your own bear? Well, it is definitely a “thing.” These stores are generally located in malls, as with most chains. Easton has a huge one and [...]

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KidStuff Coupon Book: Save Serious $

This is seriously one of the best fundraising ideas I’ve seen for schools: a coupon book that has coupons related to kids’ stuff. Granted, I love buying Anthony Thomas candy bars and trashy tabloid magazines (throw in a Ranger Rick too, I guess…ha!), but I’d love to spend a little to save a lot. The [...]

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Volunteer/Giving Opportunity: Lil’ Givers, Birthday Parties for Disadvantaged Children

I am a full time teacher now, and my time is limited in regards to how often I write on here and how often I get out to explore new things. I appreciate being pitched about activities going on around Columbus and other wonderful ideas, such as the pitch I received this week. Recently, I [...]

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