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Battelle Darby Creek Nature Center

The Battelle Darby Creek Nature Center was recommended by a few of my friends, and I am so glad I took that recommendation. Over our winter break the kids and I checked it out and it is fabulous! Full of interesting and interactive displays, informational games for the kids, and lots of living and taxidermy [...]

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Homesteading Mentor Program at City Folk’s Farm Shop

What I love the most about homesteading is that it takes us back to our roots. We live in a fast-paced overly processed world; and frankly, I believe everyone could benefit from slowing down a bit and leaning into more sustainable ways of living. It is easier than you think, and making a few changes [...]

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Gingerbread House and Cooking at Young Chefs’ Academy in Gahanna

My family had the opportunity to decorate a gingerbread house at Young Chefs’ Academy over the weekend, and we will probably add this to our holiday traditions. I had heard good things about their cooking classes for kids, so when they invited us to decorate a house I was thrilled. We had a great time [...]

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Breakfast with Santa

Pancakes, sausage, orange juice, and SANTA?! How about adding a little music or art to that breakfast? Below are a couple of great ideas for the entire family to hob knob with the jolly old elf himself, and spend a little quality time with the family. Musical Breakfast with Santa. I love this because it [...]

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Make-up Lessons for Teens? Yes, a Good Idea!

I distinctly remember the first eye-liner I bought. It was shell blue. I loved being “grown up” enough at 15 to wear it…even though I probably looked as if I was dressing up for Halloween! Of course, that was the 80s and shell blue was the ONLY color appropriate to go with neon orange. Applying [...]

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Fall Vision Retreat with Kelly J. Dahl

This guest post was written by Kelly Dahl, a mama, wife and Life Coach in Columbus. She believes everyone can live a life of fulfillment and encourages women to stop being afraid to ask for more. You can connect with Kelly at as well as on her Facebook page Perched to Fly, Twitter @kellyjdahl, [...]

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Armstrong Air and Space Museum in Wapakoneta, OH

Did you know that Ohioans have had large roles in space travel research? From actually going to space to creating the freeze-dried food astronauts eat and the outside material of a spacecraft so it doesn’t melt in earth’s atmosphere, Ohioans have helped space travel happen. And, we can’t forget Neil Armstrong was the first man [...]

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