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Dancing in the library is so much fun.

What is up with the library? It is so much fun, that’s what! Now, I am a geek (sorry my geekalicious librarian friends) and have always loved libraries, but seriously, I never remember them being as much fun as they are today. I have been taking my daughter Peyton since she was six months old to baby laptime, then toddler time, and now that she is three I don’t know what time it is, but we will be there. My favorite is the Old Worthington Library because Bookingham Forest has to be the coolest place. It was built to represent a castle and then has statues and figurines of characters from famous children’s book coming out of the walls or standing freely. The room makes the whole library experience magical – and who couldn’t use a little magic in their lives every once in while? Not to mention, there is this button. It is a special button that ALL children need to press. No, not the handicap button that opens the doors which seems to be a favorite of ours, I mean the button that makes the sound of crickets. It keeps my one year old busy for at least five minutes. The Northwest Library has a really cool treehouse room for little ones which is also very cool. Everytime I have been to that particular library kids are coloring, doing puzzles, reading, playing – generally having a good time.

The Columbus Metropolitan Library system is truly amazing. Pretty much any branch you take your child to is going to be a winner in regards to book selection, story times for children, music (yes, I’ll get into that next), and helpful AND knowledgeable librarians. Mrs. Karen at the OWL happens to be our favorite – she is so full of advice on books and is great with the children.

Jim Gill and me!

On to the music I mentioned, the library sometimes hosts musicians! I was so excited when a friend told me about a visit Jim Gill, child-focused musician and author, was making to the Westerville Public Library. Peyton and I were so excited for that show because we had listened to a CD of his when she was younger and loved it…not to mention he actually responded to an email I sent him telling him we were fans. teehee teehee. We met up with our buddies, danced, sang, and purchased a book signed by the author. Of course, Peyton was afraid to get her picture taken with him, so I did. Okay, okay, I do like being in front of the camera when I *think* I look good.

Please make it a ritual to take your kids to the library at least twice a month. You’ll have a great time, and teaching your child to have a love of books will never be a decision you’ll regret.

Table of contents:

  • Check out the storytime schedule on your local library’s web page: OWL/NWL/WPL ;Columbus Public Library system such locations as Dublin, Whetstone, etc.; Westerville, and then just google others I may not have listed. Be sure to read the description so you know the age appropriate class for your child.
  • Don’t worry if you are late for storytime! Trying to get one or more children 4 and under is not easy….from my experience, just getting ready to go for a 1/2 hour class can take 2 hours. The librarians and other mothers are very understanding. Just try not to be disruptive when you come in, and take a place in the back.
  • Reserve books online! Priceless information if you don’t already take advantage of this feature. I find there are those (I’d like to write “rare”) times when going to the library should be a short trip….for those of you with kids 3 and under you know exactly what I am talking about. Loud, disruptive, running off a the speed of lightening through the reference book section….yeah, not a good time.
  • Sign up for the library newsletter.
  • Check the library’s website every now and again so you keep updated on activities they offer.
  • Side note: I am in a book club and found out that reserving a room is free. Your meeting needs to be open to the public, but if you don’t advertise it you don’t have to worry about random strangers coming in.

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