Igloo Letterpress in Worthington, OH

I was trying to think of a unique idea for my hubby’s birthday. A gift that was handmade, something my children could help with, and something that reflected how much our daddy/husband meant to us. My friends had recently designed and printed their wedding invites at Igloo Letterpress and I loved the look and feel of them. After seeing them, my mind went immediately to designing a print we could frame.

Igloo Letterpress, owned and operated by Allison Chapman (@iglooletterpres on Twitter or Igloo Letterpress on FB), is located in downtown Worthington and uses a letterpress to create print work. Letterpress is a type of relief printing using raised typeface or images that are covered in ink and then “pressed” onto paper. Allison has a variety of old typeface with tons of different fonts, ink of any color, and paper types from cotton to bamboo available for printing. She does business cards, greeting cards, wedding invitations, bookmarks, journals (to name a few things) from pre-designed templates and/or the wooden blocked typeface she offers in store.

We chose to use typeface instead of designing a template (please ask Allison for details on companies she’d recommend for templates). Not only did it cut on cost, but each letter was different and unique…like my husband. The experience was awesome. We set up an appointment and were guided through the whole process. With help, we chose tall letters, fat letters, fonts that looked as if they belonged on a Wanted for Gunslingin’ sign, and then designed our own piece of artwork. My 3 year old son helped turn the handle of the letterpress pressing the paper onto the inked type, he learned how the press worked, and loved seeing the ink poured onto the roller. Allison was great with him, and didn’t mind having him explore the shop (she has two littles of her own). It took us about one hour and we were out the door with our drying print in hand.

I think older children would love choosing the letters and designing a card or print for a gift – Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, birthday, or just about any holiday that warrants a present. Allison also offer classes on how to bind books…and loves teaching children the craft (thinking for the Scouts? or an informational school visit – especially a history class?). Check her website for information on classes offered at Igloo: Classes at Igloo Letterpress.

You may want to get something already printed, if so be sure to stop in the store or shop online at etsy.com.

Igloo Letterpress
39 West New England Avenue
Worthington, OH 43085

A few tips:

  • Call ahead to make an appointment and be sure to mention you want to bring your children.
  • Be careful around the machine. Safety is explained, but keep an eye out if you have a curious child.
  • Know what you want and enjoy the process of creating your own masterpiece.

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One Response to Igloo Letterpress in Worthington, OH

  1. Ellen-TCMom April 15, 2011 at 11:54 PM #

    What a great idea and I had never heard of her shop before, thanks for introducing me to this!